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White House Official Predicts California Flip – The State Could Turn Red In 2020, All Because Of Extended Lockdown

Every state took different actions to battle the pandemic. But blue states, like California, may have gone too far.

They’ve extended strict lockdowns forcing businesses closed. Some counties might stay shut down “indefinitely.”

Many Americans are outraged. And now White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is predicting serious repercussions, come November.

From Fox News:

“California is my home state,” Navarro said. “I think it’s going to become a red state with that kind of leadership. The reality is that if we don’t open this economy back up we’re not going to have an economy.”

Now, this is something Democrats should be paying attention to. Navarro is predicting that California will be flipped to a red state if they keep up the lockdowns.

It’s no secret that liberals seem surprisingly eager to keep their economies hamstrung. The lockdowns were meant to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Yet despite being over the hump, they keep businesses closed.

You can hype up fears of the disease all you want. When people can’t pay their rent, though, priorities change very quickly.

Already we saw one blue seat flipped red in CA after a special election. Could that be a sign that California residents are getting fed up with lockdown-loving Democrats?

Some seem to think Democrats are extending lockdowns to affect Trump’s re-election. Would they really hurt their own people just to get at the president?

I don’t know, but California Democrat Nancy Pelosi seemed pretty unconcerned during the lockdown. You know, with her fridge full of ice cream.

Nevertheless, will Los Angeles county’s and other’s long lockdown rules outrage citizens enough to vote for Republicans?

Crazier things have happened. All I know is, if I were a mayor in CA, I’d reopen, fast.

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