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White Guy Dressed In Black (ANTIFA Terrorist?) Caught On Camera Paying Young Black Kids To Do Their Dirty Work

Yesterday, an emotional video of a black Cincinnatti, OH city council member went viral after he blamed outsiders for coordinating riots and violence with young black people in his community. Watch his powerful interview here, as he blames outsiders for using 14 and 15-year-old kids to “throw bottles at cops” and to “fight,” trying to make it look like black kids are responsible for the devastation coordinated by the radical group.

“If you watch one video about these protests please let this be it. This made me cry.
I have said since day one that this is nothing but a ploy by white liberals, which will destroy another generation of black youth. These #AntifaTerrorists are targeting black kids & neighborhoods”

For anyone wondering if what the Cincinnatti council member claimed is true, watch this video below, as a white man dressed in a typical Antifa outfit (all black clothing, with a black hat, goggles to protect his eyes from tear gas, and a bandana to cover his face), is seen passing what appears to be cash to young black men, as he instructs them to help Antifa build barricades. “We’re building a barricade, he tells a young black man wearing a white t-shirt. “Go get everything you can find,” he says. “Go get everything you can find,” he tells them, as he encourages him to get his friends to help him. The man who appears to be an Antifa leader stops and tells them, “Hey, there’s 3 picnic tables up here,” as he walks behind them down the street.

Watch these white, Antifa women scatter, when a brave black woman who is part of the Black Lives Matter movement, confronts them about spraying graffiti on the front of a Starbucks building. The black woman confirms that the Antifa members are not part of their group and are not fighting against the same issue as them, specifically against police brutality against blacks.

Earlier today, after 4 nights of organized violent riots across America, many of them led by the violent Antifa group, President Trump announced that he’s designating Antifa a terror group.

Do you agree with President Trump’s decision?