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WATCH: MSNBC Guest says “the president is raising an illegal white nationalist terrorist army”

Appearing on MSNBC, Dr. Jason Johnson accused President Trump of “raising an illegal white nationalist terrorist army.”

Johnson told host Nicolle Wallace “The president is raising an illegal white nationalist terrorist army that he wants to go out there and intimidate people, so we have both the legal and the extra legal. From the legal standpoint, we see things like what just happened in Wisconsin where the Milwaukee Bucks had actually agreed with NBA players to turn their arena into a polling station that will be useful during the pandemic, and then they had to shut it down because Republicans said, ‘Well it’s technically past the deadline so any ballots that are in that location if you vote there, will invalidate everything at that polling station.’”

He continued “We will see wholesale attempts to invalidate where people have voted by the hundreds and thousands. Then you’ve got militia poll workers going out there. Here’s what’s key about what happened this week. It’s not just that Gretchen Whitmer was obviously protected, and this plot was foiled, but it’s intimidating local people, intimidating a county commissioner, it’s intimidating a local election official. The fact that you’ve got these white nationalist groups. Gretchen Whitmer has a lot of protection that your local board is not going to have.”

“If someone throws a molotov cocktail into my house, and I live in Maricopa County, Arizona, I may not go to work the next day, or I may be intimidated into not making the right decision,” he added.