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WATCH — Attorney Sidney Powell Drops A BOMBSHELL: ‘We Have Been Met By Massive, Well-Funded, Coordinated Resistance’

On Wednesday, Attorney Sidney Powell joined Pete Santilli to discuss the ongoing election crisis in America.

“This is the greatest constitutional crisis in the republic, save perhaps the Civil War,” Powell told Pete.

Sidney Powell praised the work and continued generosity of Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne as well as her friend General Michael Flynn.

She also thanked the millions of prayer warriors who continue to support her in her investigation.

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As for the Supreme Court and their unwillingness to even look at the historic 2020 election corruption, Sidney had to say this:

“There are all different kinds of corruption. If nothing else it’s morally corrupt, intellectually corrupt and, I don’t know, or unpatriotically corrupt at the very least because this is the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of the republic, save perhaps the Civil War.”

“And for them not to act in a timely fashion before January 6th, to actually examine the evidence of the fraud, which no court has ever done by the way. The only court that comes close is the one in Antrim County Michigan and that court is allowing additional discovery,” she continued.

“That’s where Matt DePerno has simply shown, the lone wolf that has put his name and reputation and everything on the line to try to get to the truth… We have been met by massive, well-funded, coordinated resistance,” Powell added.

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