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Video Shows Massive Groups Of Migrants Attempting To Force Their Way Through Border Gate

A large group of migrants gathered outside of a border gate and attempted to force their way into the United States.

The massive gathering of migrants occurred in Del Rio, Texas when Border Patrol agents assisted by state troopers  were at the border allowing some families in through the gate but while this was going on others attempted to force their way through the gate when it opened.

Federal Border Agents assisted by police officers at one point had to push back the large crowd in an attempt to keep over 300 migrants from entering illegally.

Some of the confrontation was caught on camera, take a look:

The New York Post got the scoop, check out what they reported:

Hundreds of migrants in Mexico converged at a gate on the border in Del Rio, Texas, Monday morning, and tried to force their way into the United States as Border Patrol agents and law enforcement struggled to hold the line.

The violent confrontation began when US authorities, including state troopers, started admitting select migrant families through the gate and into the US. But soon, single adults and others not chosen attempted to force their way through the gate along with the families, making it hard for US officials to close the massive door behind each family.

Eight federal agents and police officers pushed back on the gate to prevent the hundreds of people on the Mexican side from pushing their way through. The majority of migrants attempting to get through the gate were men, according to a video recording posted to Twitter amid the commotion.

A Border Patrol spokesman from the Del Rio region told The Post that the disorderly incident was brief and the rest of the encounter peaceful despite the early crush to get through the fence.

Newsweek covered the story too:

Photos and videos on Monday morning showed a group of hundreds of migrants being met by the National Guard and U.S. Border Patrol agents after arriving at a border gate in Del Rio, Texas.

According to a report from Fox News, some 300-400 migrants, mostly coming from Haiti, were seen arriving at the gate with the hopes of entering the United States. The migrants were reportedly met by state troopers from Nebraska, Florida, and Texas, along with members of the National Guard and Border Patrol.

It was not immediately clear what would happen to the group on Monday, with reports that border patrol processing centers have already reached capacity in the area and would not be able to process hundreds of new people.

“Troopers tell me Border Patrol is completely overrun and their processing centers are all over capacity & they can’t handle a group this size. Concerns the group may have to wait in the blistering heat,” Fox News’ Bill Melguin tweeted Monday.

Video footage showed a somewhat chaotic scene as migrants lined up at the gate, while some adult men tried to push their way through.

President Trump previously gave a speech in Del Rio, Texas and talked about the need to finish the border wall.