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[VIDEO] Afghanistan Interpreter Whose Fingers Were Chopped Off By Taliban Asks Biden “Why Did You Leave Us Behind?”

An Afgan interpreter by the nake of Saver Nasseri appeared on Eric Boling’s Newsmax show, where he pleased with Joe Biden for help.

The interpreter, who had 5 of his fingers chopped off by the Taliban, sent a message to Biden, asking him, “Why have you forgotten us? Why did you leave us behind?”

And his message of hopelessness comes as a deadline looms for US forces to get out of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has laid down the law and told the US that they have to be out by 8/31.

And with that being only 7 days away, it does not appear that the US will be able to get out the 10k+ Americans, let alone all the other people who helped US forces.

Germany just said as much:

So, are this man’s pleas pointless?

Sadly, many believe they are…

You can watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is standing by all of his insanely stupid decisions, claiming that we “had to get out of Afghanistan” — an argument that nobody is even making. Yes, it’s been time to leave for 19 1/2 years.

But we didn’t have to leave THIS way.

Why would you take the military out before you secure your people and your weapons?

He’s a complete bumbling idiot.

Joe Biden is a senile fool and now, his ineptitude is getting people killed, and this poor man’s pleas will fall on deaf and dumb ears.