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Two Swing State Polls Show 2020 Race Flipping – In Florida And Arizona, Trump Has Taken The Lead

Which polls should we bother paying attention to?

We all know polls have inherent reliability problems. But national polls are even much suspect, since they don’t reveal how each state will go.

(It’s electoral votes that count, after all.)

Instead, it’s best to see where swings states are going. Those states can decide how 2020 will end.

The media has made a big deal over polls with Trump behind—even as massive crowds follow him wherever he goes.

But, with just weeks before the election, two key swing states are swinging. In a way the left won’t like:

New polls from ABC reveal that Trump is actually leading Biden in both Arizona and Florida.

That isn’t supposed to happen, according to the media.

Democrats have spent four years trying to tarnish the president. In this year alone, they’ve impeached him, shut down the economy to hurt him, and let loose riots to blame on him.

Yet their own polls are revealing that Trump is leading in two key states.

We have to mention at this point that many Americans (61%) are too afraid to admit their political views to strangers.

That means most Trump supporters don’t openly admit they support him. So, what does it say that these polls (consistent of people who do admit their views) give Trump a lead?

Perhaps it means Trump’s lead is even higher than this?