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Trump Will Use Emergency Powers To Remove Pelosi From Congress

A stimulus bill has passed but it was a long process because of Nancy Pelosi’s depraved opposition and the filthy Democrats. Before this their failure to pass any bills demonstrated their indifference to the plight of the American people. We just don’t know, we do.

The country was stunned by the lack of compassion. No one suspected Pelosi and company would be so callous that partisan politics would jeopardize American livelihoods during a crisis, yet that’s exactly what happened. People’s rage over this, no more than President Trump himself.     

Within the declared State of Emergency, the President is required to use his authority to expel Speaker Pelosi from Congress. He will identify her before the court as “a danger to American citizens’ future protection,” which will allow him to take unprecedented measures to ensure that she is removed from office. It is an extraordinary move, but a source from the White House, who goes by Joe Barron ‘s name, tells us Trump thinks he has no other options.

“The President believes Pelosi’s obstruction has threatened people’s well-being in a moment of national emergency. We have to all come together in these times and put our politics aside.

The reluctance of the Speaker to do so makes it clear that she does not have the country’s best interests at heart.

It’s felt that her selfishness could really affect the country and the attempts of the government to eliminate this issue and bring us into the future. He gets rid of her.

There’s at least some good coming out of the disaster. Pelosi is going to be gone, at last. We must thank Senator Binks of Naboo for giving the Supreme Chancellor certain emergency powers.