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Trump Strikes Back: US to Cancel Visas for Thousands of Chinese Grad Students with Ties to Chinese Military

President Trump has just fired his first salvo in his quest to make China pay for years of malfeasance and for intentionally allowing Covid-19 to spread around the world while cornering the market on protective gear.

He has decided to cancel visas for thousands of Chinese grad students with links to the People’s liberation Army.

Via Fox News:

The White House plans to cancel visas for thousands of Chinese graduate students and researchers affiliated with Chinese universities tied to the People’s Liberation Army, according to a report.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the plan with President Trump during a meeting Tuesday, The New York Times reported, citing officials with knowledge of the discussions.

Chinese students make up the largest percentage of international students in the U.S. and American universities, which rely on their tuition, are expected to oppose the administration’s move, according to The Times.

F.B.I. and the Justice Department have warned universities about the potential of Chinese spies among the student population – especially in the sciences – but schools have been leery of targeting students due to their nationality and have said security protocols are in place, The Times reported.

This is one of those moves that makes you scratch your head. This seems like a no-brainer that should have been done a long time ago

Why train folks who will then go on to serve in some capacity in the military of a country that is not our ally. Seems rather stupid to be honest.

That said, glad President Trump is moving on this now.

As you might expect though university leaders are expected to oppose this move as cash is much more important to them than the security of our country.

Via the New York Times:

American universities are expected to push back against the administration’s move. While international educational exchange is prized for its intellectual value, many schools also rely on full tuition payments from foreign students to help cover costs, especially the large group of students from China.

Administrators and teachers have been briefed in recent years by the F.B.I. and the Justice Department on potential national security threats posed by Chinese students, especially ones working in the sciences. But the university employees are wary of a possible new “red scare” that targets students of a specific national background and that could contribute to anti-Asian racism.

Given how anti-America so many university professors and administrators have become this is not surprising in the least.

If they can help China while hurting the USA many academic types view that as a win.

Thank goodness President Trump is on the job during these difficult times and not a feckless Democrat like Joe Biden.