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Trump May Be Discharged As Early As Monday: Physician

The health of President Donald Trump is continuing to improve, his physician Sean Conley said on Sunday, noting that the president could be released from the hospital as early as Monday.

Conley stated that Trump no longer has respiratory symptoms and that his temperature was a “transient episode.”

Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Brian Garibaldi added that the president completed a second does of Remdesivir with no side-effects.

Garibaldi said that Trump is “up and well” and the plan was to have him “out of bed” Sunday as much as possible.

Garibaldi and Conley said if things continue to go well, Trump will be able to return to the White House on Monday to continue his five-day course of remdesivir treatment and other appropriate therapy.

“The patient continues to improve. He has remained without fever since Friday morning, his vital signs are stable,” Dooley said.


Trump’s campaign vowed that Vice President Mike Pence, who would assume the presidency if Trump were unable to carry out his duties, would have an “aggressive” campaign schedule this week, as would Trump’s three oldest children.

“We can’t stay in our basement or shut down the economy indefinitely. We have to take it head-on,” Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

Conley told reporters outside the hospital on Saturday that Trump had not had trouble breathing, and was not given oxygen at Walter Reed.