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Trump Makes Social Security Changes For 2020 – Affects Millions Of Seniors

Social Security is under attack—by the Democrat Party. The current 2020 candidates are pushing radically-expensive new programs.

All of which will go broke, unless they take money out of SS.

These liberals are willing to rob hard-working Americans to reward many non-citizens.

But not if Trump has anything to say about it. He made a promise to our retired Americans.

And he’s fighting to make sure Social Security is not only protected, but that benefits are increased.

Here are some key improvements for 2020…

From the Motley Fool:

In 2020, the cost-of-living increase will be 1.6%… Average benefits for Social Security recipients: Up $20 to $46 per month…

Retired workers $1,503, [increase of] +$24

Aged couple, both receiving benefits $2,531 [increase of] +$40

Widowed mother + 2 children $2,934 [increase of] +$46

Thanks to Trump, the cost-of-living increase is up by 1.6%. That might not seem big, but it means that retired Americans will be getting more money each month.

When you consider how much Democrats have tried to use Social Security dollars for their own pet projects, this increase is a big Trump win.

Across the board, recipients will be receiving more in their pockets. This is pretty significant.

Social Security is the only government program that revolves around rewarding Americans who spent their lives working hard. Most recipients worked for about 35-years before retiring.

They were taxed with each paycheck for Social Security. They were told that, when they needed it, that money would be there.

Imagine the gall of Democrats who want to use the Social Security “lockbox” to pay for “free” healthcare and benefits for border jumpers?

As long as Donald Trump is president, that won’t happen.

Social Security will continue to be a lifeline for retired Americans and those in need.

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