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Trump Fires Back & Begins Impeachment of Pelosi

These were President Trump’s words yesterday that had everybody wondering what he could have meant. Did he know something we didn’t? Today we find that the answer to that is a resounding yes.

Trump, through the Congressional Internal Affairs and Standards Division, filed a 128-A complaint, a move reserved for presidential impeachment of a sitting congressperson. The sitting member named in the paperwork? None other than Nancy Melrose Pelosi.

Presidential Staffer, Joe Barron, gave us the lowdown on the events leading up to Trump’s decision to take this bold and virtually unprecedented move:

“Speaker Pelosi left the President no choice. He tried to work with her. He tried to reason with her. The phone call he made to her to try to work something out was well publicized. She refused every attempt to have her see reason, choosing instead to forge ahead with this delusional and groundless impeachment campaign.

President Trump has tried harder than anyone thought he should to work with the democrats – Pelosi in particular – throughout these past three years. Conventional thought on the hill was that he should just run roughshod over all of them, forcing them into submission but the President respects our democratic process too much. He refused. He bargained and held talks at length to get them to see reason but they refused.

So here we are. Pelosi has opted to disrupt government order by chasing an impeachment dreamt that would effectively shut the government down. This attempt is malicious and unbecoming of an elected representative of this great nation. So the papers were filed by the White House to get the country back on track before too much time is wasted.”

Huzzah! President Trump is taking control and nipping this thing in the bud. Soon we will be rid of the Pelosi Pest.