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Trump Cracks Open New ‘Obamagate’ – Accuses Barack Obama Of Involvement With Flynn, Undermining His Presidency

Now that the DOJ dropped Michael Flynn’s case, more documents are revealing what went on behind the scenes.

And it doesn’t look good for Obama-era officials… or even Obama himself.

More and more details are suggesting Obama was up to something. President Trump himself called his predecessor out hard on Twitter:

OBAMAGATE makes Watergate look small time!

From Fox News:

President Trump on Sunday intensified his criticism of former President Obama by tying him to the Michael Flynn investigation…Trump later tweeted, “OBAMAGATE,” indicating that he believes that Obama worked to undermine his presidency.

Woah. As usual, President Trump doesn’t mince words when he called out Obama’s possible involvement in Flynn’s investigation.

A newly released document revealed Obama was aware of the wiretapping of Flynn’s phone calls. That led to Flynn’s questioning and charges.

All that was connected to the FBI’s investigation into Russia—which many believe to have been a hunt against Trump.

It appears Trump is pointing his finger directly at Obama. Former deputy attorney general revealed that Obama knew about Flynn’s wiretapping.

Does that mean Obama was also in the know on Comey’s Russian case? Did Obama know about the phony dossier that was used to secure a FISA warrant against Trump’s campaign staffer?

Did Obama know that James Comey said he wasn’t investigating Trump, when evidence suggests that was his plan all along?

Trump seems to think so. And in fact, by calling it “Obamagate,” it appears Trump is saying Obama was behind it all.

That’s the biggest question that needs to be answered. More and more evidence suggests the deep state hatched these investigations to take down the president.

Does that mean Obama not only knew about all this… but was behind it? Or at the very least, in agreement?

It’s either that or he was completely unaware of major investigations by his own DOJ. Which is more possible?

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