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Trey Gowdy Proposes Plan To Make China Pay – Trump Can Just Deduct America’s Costs From Chinese Debt

Many Americans think China is at fault for what is going on in America now—and many think China should pay for it.

That’s easier said than done. Trey Gowdy admits that the official channels don’t really have teeth to enforce what has happened.

But President Trump could have an ace up his sleeve, and Gowdy is suggesting he use it to “hit them where it hurts the most.” 

From Fox News/YouTube:

Here’s the key part:

The Trump administration doesn’t need to go to court to hold China accountable. You can hit them where it hurts the most. You can ostracize them on the world stage, quit letting their students come here and study, you can make them a pariah, but most importantly you can start deducting the amount of money we owe them and other countries owe them, deduct our costs including the loss of life, but all of the other costs, start deducting that, and then see what China’s reaction is.

If that’s possible, that sounds like a genius response, Trey!

China holds large amounts of American debt, but so far they are refusing to take responsibility for their slow response and hiding the real figures and data that could have helped us and many other countries.

But President Trump could start shaving off what they have cost us from the debts we currently owe them.

I bet that would get China’s attention, don’t you?

Right now they’re probably thinking they can take advantage of the situation on a global scale. Already they have made advances in the South China Sea and have blocked shipments of medical equipment to the United States.

But Trump holds a very big card—the debt we owe them. Of course his opponents would get angry, but the playing field has been unfair against China for decades.

What do you think? Should Trump deduct some of our debt because of what China has done?

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