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Tlaib Files Lawsuit to Ban the American Flag in Schools

During a national crisis, Rashida Tlaib is busy at work, leaving most of the school children at home. She ‘s decided to swoop in during this time and take advantage of an already awful situation.

She wants crews to move in on these colleges, they encourage you to do that when you’re a leader, and remove all the American flags from every Michigan classroom.

The argument to remove the flags from all classrooms at K-12 is simple. First, the lawsuit cites an increase in patriotism, which they feel should be “tackled, stat.”

They also say that there are a lot of children in school who are not Americans, and that the flag makes them feel unwanted.    

The filing states: In a new lawsuit filed at the 9th Circuit Court of Michigan,

“It is now time to put an end to the racist tradition of raising American flags in college. There are many kids in our public schools who are either not American or don’t identify as Americans. They have the right to attend a classroom with no flags.

Moreover, the Democrat leader also says the expense of such flags would free up the budget, allowing for a more varied school lunch menu, which contains no pork, halal, and kosher food.

The aim is to get all students back to flag-free schools by this fall. They also made it optional to replace the American flags with Rainbow Flags in classrooms  Because they say kids love the colors of the rainbow.