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Don Jr. ‘Dems are proving to the world that their little “committee” is nothing more than an anti-Republican witch hunt.’

Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. reacted to new that GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will pull every Republican member from the Jan. 6 committee in response to Pelosi rejecting the recommendations of Reps. Banks and Jordan. Don Jr. tweeted: Good. Dems are proving to the world that their little “committee” is nothing more than an […]

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Bill Gates Says US and Western Nations Must Pay For Coronavirus Vaccines For The Whole World

Microsoft founder and “world health dictator” Bill Gates has ordered the US and Western nations to dedicate more government funds to pay for coronavirus vaccines and distribution networks for the rest of the world. According to Gates, paying for billions of doses of vaccines for poorer countries, which don’t have the financial clout to strike […]

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Just When You Think He’s Gone, Barry Reappears To Destroy The Nation & The World Once Again

Why is it that much like the Clintons, the Obamas won’t seem to go away? Their time in the White House has been over for years, but they won’t just fade into the darkness. First they took over Netflix. Now they’re onto Spotify. The Gateway Pundit reports: The Obamas signed a multi-year deal with Spotify to […]

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Biden threatens to cut US Soccer’s World Cup funding unless women get equal pay “This is not over yet”

Saturday, 2020 candidate and former VP Joe Biden reacted to the news that a federal judge has dismissed the US Women’s Soccer team’s $66 million dollar “equal pay” lawsuit. Biden reacted by tweeting: To @USWNT: don’t give up this fight. This is not over yet. To @USSoccer: equal pay, now. Or else when I’m president, […]

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VIDEO Michelle Obama Says People Believe Her Husband Is President Of The World .

Michelle Obama said that folks around the world believe that her husband, former President Obama, is that the president of the planet. The former first lady made the comments last week at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology. “There’s a power within the selection of Jackson Park,” she said, PJ Media […]