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Trump supporter outside Walter Reed blasts “nasty folks” that are “hoping the worst for Trump”

During a “Get Well Soon Mr. President” Prayer Rally Outside Walter Reed Hospital, Breitbart News interviewed Trump supporters. One supporter was asked “We’ve also seen the other side come out very visceral with a lot of their messaging kind of hoping the worst for Trump. I just want to get your reaction to those kinds […]

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Video shows enthusiasm of Trump Supporters gathered outside Walter Reed

In a tweet including a video showing the incredible enthusiasm from Trump voters at Walter Reed Medical Center, White House communications director Dan Scavino tweeted ” to all of the Great American Patriots who have come out tonight, in support of @realDonaldTrump at Walter Reed Medical Center.” He added “We’ll all get through this, TOGETHER! […]

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“This is insanity” Walter Reed Physician attacks Trump for greeting supporters in Motorcade

Dr. James P. Phillips, MD, an attending physician at Walter Reed blasted President Trump for greeting supporters outside the medical facility Sunday in a motorcade. Phillips wrote “that Presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but hermetically sealed against chemical attack. The risk of COVID19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical […]

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Americans Bring Rally To Trump…Large Crowd Stands Outside Walter Reed Hospital, Chants “Four More Years!” [VIDEO]

Last night, President Trump noticed a gathering of supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital and sent his Chief ofStaff Mark Meadows out to thank them. Mark Meadows walked out of Walter Reed with a bag of chocolates (photo below) from President Trump. He spoke to the group telling them President Trump is doing well: “POTUS […]

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Anti-Trump demonstrators outside Walter Reed scream “F Donald Trump”

Anti-Trump demonstrators outside Walter Reed medical facility waved their middle finger, danced and screamed “F Donald Trump!” Vile. — Richard citizen journalist (@DPotcner) October 3, 2020 This demonstrator carried a “F Trump” sign and said point blank she hopes the President dies. Freedom of speech yes. None the less they are miserable, disgraceful and […]

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Trump supporter at Walter Reed “He is fighting for America…I’m going to fight for him”

Reggie, a Trump supporter who decided to gather at Walter Reed Medical Center explained to Breitbart News why he attended the event. “I know many people tell me I shouldn’t support Trump because of the color of my skin, but they never ask me, why Trump? He is fighting for America.” Reggie said. “He is […]