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Putin Rejects Afghan Refugees While Biden Fills US Military Bases With Asylum Seekers

As the United States under President Joe Biden’s orders plans to take in tens of thousands of refugees by housing them across US military bases in Texas, Russian President Vladimir Putin says that his country will not accept Afghan refugees because he does not intend to deal with any “militants” who disguise themselves as asylum […]

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Bill Gates Says US and Western Nations Must Pay For Coronavirus Vaccines For The Whole World

Microsoft founder and “world health dictator” Bill Gates has ordered the US and Western nations to dedicate more government funds to pay for coronavirus vaccines and distribution networks for the rest of the world. According to Gates, paying for billions of doses of vaccines for poorer countries, which don’t have the financial clout to strike […]

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Kamala Harris Praises Black Lives Matter As “Brilliant”- Says Ongoing Protests Are “Essential” For Change In US

Peaceful protests against racial injustice are critical for the nation’s progress and help to keep law enforcement in check, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said Friday, FOX News reports. Harris said in a speech during the NAACP’s national convention: “Nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress, in particular around civil rights, has come without a fight, and […]

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George W. Bush Releases Statement, calls on US to examine its “tragic failures”

Former President George W. Bush has issued a statement on George Floyd’s death. Inbox — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) June 2, 2020 Per Yahoo, former president George W. Bush called on the US Tuesday to take a hard look at its “tragic failures,” citing racial injustice in America in a statement addressing protests which have […]

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Trump Strikes Back: US to Cancel Visas for Thousands of Chinese Grad Students with Ties to Chinese Military

President Trump has just fired his first salvo in his quest to make China pay for years of malfeasance and for intentionally allowing Covid-19 to spread around the world while cornering the market on protective gear. He has decided to cancel visas for thousands of Chinese grad students with links to the People’s liberation Army. Via Fox […]

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Biden threatens to cut US Soccer’s World Cup funding unless women get equal pay “This is not over yet”

Saturday, 2020 candidate and former VP Joe Biden reacted to the news that a federal judge has dismissed the US Women’s Soccer team’s $66 million dollar “equal pay” lawsuit. Biden reacted by tweeting: To @USWNT: don’t give up this fight. This is not over yet. To @USSoccer: equal pay, now. Or else when I’m president, […]

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Pence: CV-19 Could Be Largely ‘Behind Us’ By June If People Keep Following Safety Guidelines

Democrats and many of their allies in the mainstream media continue to claim that most parts of the country should and need to remain in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. During an interview on the Fox News podcast “The Rundown,” Vice President Mike Pence was asked about those draconian measures and offered much more positive news. Pence, […]

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Iran says it gave America ‘slap in the face’ with missile strikes on US bases

Iran has resumed its saber-rattling against the U.S. on Wednesday after firing more than a dozen ballistic missiles against U.S. airbases in Iraq on Tuesday night. “For the time being, the Americans have been given a slap in the face,” Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday, as reported by Iran’s Fars News Agency.“Military […]