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“You Don’t Need A Mask If You’re A Rich Democrat ” As Nance Pelosi Hosts A Huge 30K Per Ticket, Rich White Napa Fundraiser [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson exposes the hypocrisy of the left’s ruling elites as they live lives unencumbered by the rules that they set down for the nation’s little people. Mr. Carlson begins by talking about another time in American history where Americans were forced to wear masks. That time was just over a hundred years ago, during […]

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Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Reveals Whether Michelle Obama Will Join Biden Ticket

Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama and confidante to the family, says there is “no chance” Michelle Obama will join Joe Biden on the 2020 Democrat ticket. Biden, who has insisted his choice must be a woman, reignited speculation when he told a radio station in Pittsburgh he would “take her in a heartbeat.” […]