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[VIDEO] Afghanistan Interpreter Whose Fingers Were Chopped Off By Taliban Asks Biden “Why Did You Leave Us Behind?”

An Afgan interpreter by the nake of Saver Nasseri appeared on Eric Boling’s Newsmax show, where he pleased with Joe Biden for help. The interpreter, who had 5 of his fingers chopped off by the Taliban, sent a message to Biden, asking him, “Why have you forgotten us? Why did you leave us behind?” And […]

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Taliban Seized 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft in Afghanistan – Left By Biden

After the latest calculations and updates, we can only say one thing – the situation is even worse than estimated! This Saturday, Fox News reported that the scope of the crisis is the fact that the Taliban now control somewhere around 75,000 vehicles, 200 aircraft, 600,000 weapons, and $85 billion in funding. NEW: Pro-TB sources […]

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Taliban Takes Biggest and Best Shot Yet at Mocking Joe Biden and Our Military Generals With New Photo

The Taliban are openly mocking Joe Biden and our military generals, as they drive around in our vehicles, wearing US tactical gear, and carrying our weapons. And why not? Look how much of our stuff they took: It’s the ultimate humiliation for our “woke” military brass and the senile buffoon in chief – after all, […]

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People Are Convinced Taliban is Mocking Joe Biden With This “Ice Cream” Group Photo They Took

Joe’s goofy campaign slogan “America is back” is looking more and more silly as the days go by. The Afghanistan situation has turned into a 5-alarm calamity and it’s getting worse and worse as the moments tick by. Reports are coming in that the Afghan interpreters who helped us are being beaten in the streets. […]

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People’s Foes! Taliban Terrorist Leader Zabihullah Mujahid On Twitter But Trump Is Banned!

Zabihullah Mujahid is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s spokesperson. He shared on Twitter about The Taliban terrorists storming Kabul. We can’t believe that Twitter allows terrorists to tweet and share their opinions there. But, Trump can’t share his opinion because he is banned and can’t reach their platform. Please tell me the logic here, and […]

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[VIDEO] CNN Reporter Says Taliban Terrorists “Bizarrely Friendly” While They Chant “Death to America” in the Background

A CNN reporter filed a report just Outside the now abandoned U.S. Embassy in Kabul. In this 8-second clip, we see her in a crowd of Taliban members who are chanting “Death to America.” The reporter goes on to say that despite the chants, they seemed “friendly” in a “bizarre” way. I dunno how chanting […]