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When The Media Ask Trump To Denounce White Supremacy, They’re Accusing Him Of It

When the mainstream media ask President Trump or Trump administration officials to denounce white supremacy, it’s not a question — it’s an accusation. That’s why they won’t accept Trump’s clear, unequivocal, numerous denunciations of white supremacy and racism. The point isn’t to get a clear answer, it’s to smear Trump as a racist. Trump no […]

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Strzok accuses Trump of not taking the threat of white supremacy seriously enough

Appearing on CNN, former FBI agent Peter Strzok accused President Trump of not denouncing White Supremacy strongly enough. “Well, I think the FBI has the knowledge through investigations of looking at all these incidents of violence within America,” said Strzok. “And if you look at these mass shooting events, the preponderance of these attacks have […]