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Oprah Suggests America’s racial “caste system” was the “template for Nazi Germany”

In a new episode of Oprah’s book club, Oprah interviews Isabel Wilkerson, author of “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.” During her interview Oprah suggests the U.S. caste system was “the template for Nazi Germany.” Winfrey asks “How did you decide to focus the book on three caste systems –  India, Nazi Germany, and the […]

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Pelosi suggests Trump’s quick return to WH is political and he could suffer long term “consequences from this virus”

Appearing on MSNBC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested President Trump could be returning quickly to the White House for political reasons and it could result in him suffering long-term consequences. Pelosi said  “the president could be going back to the White House and become a long-hauler, someone who has consequences from this virus.” She added […]

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Wallace Suggests Trump’s Family Will Be ‘Kicked Out Next Time’ For Not Wearing Masks At Debates

During an off-the-rails interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace got into a heated argument with Trump adviser Steve Cortes and suggested that Trump’s family will be “kicked out next time” if they choose not to wear masks at the next presidential debate. Wallace suggested that Trump’s family put people in danger by not wearing masks at the debates […]

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Tucker Carlson Savagely Obliterates Ilhan Omar, Suggests She Should Never Have Been Granted Citizenship

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has made a name for himself as the kind of guy who tells it like it is, even if it makes people unhappy. On Friday, he slammed Democratic Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, claiming that she hates our country, calling her “a symbol of America’s failed immigration system if there ever […]

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Douglas MacKinnon Suggests Possibility of Hillary-Barack Obama ticket to replace Biden

In a new Op-Ed for TheHill, Douglas McKinnon suggests the possibility of a Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama ticket to replace Joe Biden. As wild as the purely speculative suggestion is, Hillary Clinton is currently the 2nd most likely to be the Democratic presidential nominee according to the betting markets of PredictIt. MacKinnon also believes […]

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Pelosi suggests Dem leaders to discuss making families with illegals eligible for relief cash

Peloisi was asked last week if Democrats are going to allow illegal immigrants with individual tax identification numbers (ITINs) to receive $1,200 stimulus payments as part of CARES II, the next stimulus package that Congress is debating. The House speaker responded “I myself cannot understand why the tax number is not the basis for how […]

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Nancy Pelosi Suggests Killing Soleimani Was A ‘Disproportionate’ Action, Zeldin Responds: ‘Pelosi Is Totally Blinded With Party Over Country’

Congressman Lee Zeldin issued a fiery response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement that followed news of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani being killed in an airstrike authorized by President Trump. Zeldin was set off by Pelosi, who appeared to insinuate that the killing of Soleimani was a “disproportionate” action carried out by the Trump Administration. As part […]

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Bernie Sanders Suggests He Should ‘Get The Hell Out Of Politics’ If He ‘Can’t Win An Election’ On His Ideas

Democratic socialist presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, spoke to an audience in Plaistow, New Hampshire Saturday during a panel. “And I really think that this obscene, and I believe from the bottom of my heart is somebody who has won elections and I’ve lost elections– I could deal with losing an election,” Sanders said. “But I […]