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McConnell Hopes To Pass Pelosi-Led Corona Bill To Help Small Businesses

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Monday he hoped the Senate would soon pass legislation already passed by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives easing terms of the coronavirus small-business loan program. “I hope and anticipate the Senate will soon take up and pass legislation that just passed the House, by an overwhelming vote […]

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Feinstein Demands $5 Billion For Iran While Democrats Blocked Aid To American Small Businesses

Uh, shouldn’t they have a stockpile of cash left over after Obama? At first glance I thought to myself, ‘who in the tom-foolery lacks a brain stem enough to request such a thing?’ Then I remembered that Dianne Feinstein is a Democratic senator for, you guessed it, California! It doesn’t alleviate the idiocy, but more […]

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Leftist Oregon Threatens Small Business Owner with Massive Fine After She Defies Shutdown Order

Like many small business owners, Lindsey and Scott Graham of Oregon just want to get their businesses back up and running, but have reportedly been threatened with a $70,000 fine if they do. The couple’s gym, four tanning salons and hair salon have been closed since late March, when Democratic Gov. Kate Brown implemented her […]