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Taliban Takes Biggest and Best Shot Yet at Mocking Joe Biden and Our Military Generals With New Photo

The Taliban are openly mocking Joe Biden and our military generals, as they drive around in our vehicles, wearing US tactical gear, and carrying our weapons. And why not? Look how much of our stuff they took: It’s the ultimate humiliation for our “woke” military brass and the senile buffoon in chief – after all, […]

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Officer shot in head during protests in Las Vegas on life support, in critical condition

Per KTNV, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo held a press conference at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters early this morning. Sheriff Lombardo says that the police officer who was shot shortly after 11 p.m. is in extremely critical condition and on life support at University Medical Center. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak tweeted Tuesday morning: […]

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Sister of girl shot during Iowa protest “a protester shot my sister. A protester, not the police!”

In an extremely heartbreaking and emotional video, Jasmine Kelly, whose sister Italia Marie Kelly was shot during Floyd protests in Iowa, sounded off. 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly was murdered by a fellow protester in Iowa. Here’s her sister. THIS is the result of these “protests.” — Mark Dice (@MarkDice) June 3, 2020 Per Times […]