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GA Senate Committee Releases DAMNING REPORT On Election Fraud…Recommends De-Certifying Electors

GA STATE SENATE COMMITTEE RECOMMENDS DECERTIFYING GA ELECTORS IN U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. The Georgia Senate Committee released its report on the election irregularities and quite possibly fraudulent activity when it came to counting the votes. They had listened to witnesses telling what they saw and other evidence that shakes people’s ability to trust the election […]

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NC Dem Senate Candidate Falls Behind in New Poll After Extramarital Sexting Scandal

A new Eastern Carolina University poll has Republican Senator Thom Tillis edging Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham with 46% support compared to 45%. A previous ECU poll shows a tied race. Most other polling has shown Cal Cunningham with a lead, but Cunningham is now embroiled in an extramarital sexting scandal. Cunningham’s campaign confirmed the tests […]

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AG Barr Indicts 8 For Funneling Millions In Foreign Donations To Schiff, Clinton And Top Senate Democrats [Update]

 Just when we were looking for a sign from Attorney General Barr that he was in fact the ‘real deal’ and not going to shrink away from his obligations to rout out corruption and treason, especially in the highest offices in our land, he delivers. As The Gateway Pundit pointed out, you will not see […]

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Senate Judiciary Committee Will Call Comey, McCabe, Brennan, And Clapper As Witnesses Next Week

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham announced this week that his committee will hold his first hearing into the origins of the Russia hoax next week. During an interview Thursday on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Graham revealed the names of 4 top Obama-era officials that he plans to call to testify before his […]

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Senate Confirms Stephen Hahn To Lead U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate has been very busy lately. The upper chamber confirmed Dr. Stephen Hahn as the new head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, taking charge at a regulatory agency that oversees products ranging from complex cancer drugs, to food, cosmetics, and tobacco. The Senate voted 72 to 18 to confirm Hahn as commissioner, with […]

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Republican Melissa Melendez wins California Senate seat in special election

Republican Melissa Melendez has won the SD-28 special election in California defeating Democrat Elizabeth Romero.  Melendez tweeted: Initial results are in for SD28. Thank you everyone for your support and BIG thanks to my husband for all his help and support throughout this campaign! Initial results are in for SD28. Thank you everyone for your […]

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Feinstein Begs Senate To Extend Paid Vacation – Dianne Wants Washington To Stay Closed Longer

Despite the ongoing crisis, our U.S. Senators left D.C. to go home. They haven’t been able to get much accomplished for the American people remotely. But are they still getting paid? You better believe it. With some states reopening, McConnell had the reasonable plan to reopen the Senate. But one long-term Democrat is demanding to extend […]

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Hemingway “Democrats Demanded Millions Of Kavanaugh Records, But Stay Mum On Biden’s Senate Records”

The hypocrisy of Democrats, and their media allies, is on prominent display in their handling of sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden versus their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh. Another example of the hypocrisy relates to the demand, or lack thereof, for documents related to the official government work of the two men. Until they switched […]

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Chelsea Tweets She’s “Full of Fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Thursday to vent over being “full of fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans. Clinton tweeted: I am full of fury at @realDonaldTrump & Senate Republicans. For making extra vulnerable our already-vulnerable: our children, elderly, human beings in jail/detention, humans who are homeless, humans w/o insurance. To find out tonight some […]

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President Trump On Pelosi Withholding Articles From Senate: “She’s All Lies. Most Overrated Person I Know!”

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday in series of tweets blasting Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for not transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Last Monday, Pelosi reiterated her plan to not make any more moves with impeachment until she knows the level of “fairness” with the Senate trial rules. “The Democrats will do anything […]