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Mitt Romney Praises James Mattis’ Rebuke Of Trump, Calls It ‘Stunning And Powerful’

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney is not just a loser — he’s a sore loser. The 2012 failed presidential candidate went after President Donald Trump again this week by praising retired Marine General Jim Mattis for going after the president. According to NBC News, Romney called Mattis’ statement “stunning and powerful.” Romney also called Mattis “an American […]

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Mitt Romney Stabs Trump In Back, Trashes POTUS Over Testing and Defends Barack Obama

“I understand the politicians are going to frame data in a way that’s most positive politically. Of course, I don’t expect that from admirals,” the Mitt Romney said as he basically accused the Trump administration of misleading the American people. “But yesterday, you celebrated that we had done more tests and more tests per capita […]

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Mitt Romney Turns On President Trump Again – Joins Democrats To Warn Donald Not To Interfere With Oversight

Utah Senator Mitt Romney, our “favorite RINO” (Republican in name only) just made headlines after teaming up with a Democrat again. It’s clear that Mitt Romney is finished and has already been put to pasture by the rest of the Republicans. So it seems he’s trying to get involved in whatever he can – as […]