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Man Awaiting Trial For Capitol Riot Could Be Sent Back Behind Bars For Watching Mike Lindell

Prosecutors want to send a suspected capitol rioter back to the slammer after he was released because he watched Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium. Doug Jensen was arrested days after the incident at the Capitol after he was seen on video following a Capitol Police officer inside of the building. After spending six months behind bars […]

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Bill Barr Drops Hammer, Hits First Rioter With Federal Charges In Chicago: “Let’s start a riot”

Bill Barr and the DOJ just followed through on yesterday’s promise to crack down on the rioters and looters and start bringing federal criminal charges. Matthew Lee Rupert who was heard on a video saying “let’s start a riot” and “I’m going to start doing some damage,” was arrested Sunday night. Chicago police arrested him […]