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Barr Orders Raid on Adam Schiff’s House After Audit Reveals Fraud

The Department of Justice struck in the early hours, raiding the house of Adam Schiff after they were tipped off by the IRS of fraudulent activity involving the liberal politician. Agents could be seen removing massive amounts of paper, boxes, several computers, and quite a few mobile devices out of the home. According to preliminary […]

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Devin Nunes Reveals ‘We Can’t Find’ Summary Of Original Gen. Flynn Interview

Days after the Department of Justice filed to dismiss its criminal case against former White House national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, one top Republican is sounding the alarm about a critical document “missing.” During an interview on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, House Intelligence Committee ranking Republican Rep. Devin Nunes said the FBI’s original interview summary […]

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Trump Reveals Major Social Security Changes – New Rule Could Drain Washington Swamp

Democrats didn’t think Donald would dare – here he comes! It’s no secret that Social Security needs reform. The program was instituted by FDR and have received little improvements since then. We’ve all heard stories about people who abuse the program. Many get benefits they don’t deserve. Meanwhile, many who should qualify are rejected. On […]

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Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Reveals Whether Michelle Obama Will Join Biden Ticket

Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama and confidante to the family, says there is “no chance” Michelle Obama will join Joe Biden on the 2020 Democrat ticket. Biden, who has insisted his choice must be a woman, reignited speculation when he told a radio station in Pittsburgh he would “take her in a heartbeat.” […]