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If Biden, Harris Or Any Other Republicans Are Doing A Bad Job, It’s Our Right To Call Them Out!

Many black people on social media get angry at me when I call out black leaders who aren’t, in my opinion, serving America well. I do the same for white leaders as well, but nobody says anything about that. It’s called accountability. You know, the word. How about checks and balances. Our government calls for it […]

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Nancy Pelosi, Shaking Her Fist In The Air, Dares To Accuse Trump And Republicans Of “Coming After Your Children” In Troubling Tirade

President Trump appears to have enough votes to get a conservative justice to replace RBG. And it looks like Nancy Pelosi is starting to come apart at the seams. She has talked about extreme measures to stop the vote, such as impeaching Trump. (Over what?) Some Democrats have threatened to “pack” the court (good luck […]

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BREAKING: Republicans Flip House Seat Red, Dem Christy Smith Concedes

Republicans have flipped Democrat Katie Hill’s house seat red as Democrat Christy Smith has conceded to Republican Mike Garcia in a special election. Smith posted on Facebook: SMITH RELEASES STATEMENT ON ELECTION RESULTS SANTA CLARITA, CA — Today, California State Assemblywoman Christy Smith released the following statement as her campaign now turns its attention to […]

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Republicans plan to grill Comey, Clapper on possible perjury in Flynn case

NYPost reports Senate Republicans are vowing to haul James Comey and James Clapper back before Congress to ask which one committed perjury about briefing then-President Barack Obama on Michael Flynn’s calls with Russia’s ambassador. Comey, the fired former FBI director, said in newly released congressional testimony that Clapper, the former US intelligence chief, briefed Obama. […]

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Alyssa Milano Pushes Voting by Mail in New Op-Ed “Don’t let Republicans stop it”

Activist Alyssa Milano tweeted Thursday: US can make voting safer during the pandemic. Don’t let Republicans stop it. My latest op-ed for @CNN calling for ways to safeguard the 2020 election. PLEASE read. PLEASE share. Milano writes: Donald Trump made it clear from the beginning of his presidency that he’s willing to undermine US election results and […]

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Two Republicans Are Running Against Pelosi To ‘Clean Up Her District’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been a sitting member of Congress since 1987. For the upcoming 2020 election, she’s facing opposition from both sides of the aisle for California’s 12th Congressional district, making this election the most difficult since she took office. California has a top-two primary system in which the top two vote-getters, […]

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Republicans Accuse Schiff of Refusing to Release “Secret Russia Transcripts”

Tuesday the House Judiciary Twitter account released a letter, tweeting: #HappeningNow: @JudiciaryGOP and @GOPoversight Republicans demand release of @RepAdamSchiff‘s secret Russia transcripts. The American people deserve transparency. ?#HappeningNow: @JudiciaryGOP and @GOPoversight Republicans demand release of @RepAdamSchiff‘s secret Russia transcripts. The American people deserve transparency. — House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) May 5, 2020 Here is […]

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Chelsea Tweets She’s “Full of Fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Thursday to vent over being “full of fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans. Clinton tweeted: I am full of fury at @realDonaldTrump & Senate Republicans. For making extra vulnerable our already-vulnerable: our children, elderly, human beings in jail/detention, humans who are homeless, humans w/o insurance. To find out tonight some […]