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BREAKING: Pelosi Opens The Door To OVERTURNING Republican House Victory In Iowa District

Latest reports claim that Nancy Pelosi is dedicated to overturning the Republican victory in Iowa state’s Congress. The sources stated that November 3rd. election results might be undermined by House Speaker Pelosi. During this election, Republican Rer. Mariannette Miller-Meeks defeated Democrat Rita Hart. The difference between the two candidates was 6 votes only. Pelosi saw […]

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Officials of Prior Republican Presidential Administrations Support Counting Late Arriving Ballots With No Postmarks in Pennsylvania

Their hatred for Donald Trump seemingly knows no bounds. Led by former Pennsylvania Governor and Bush Administration Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, and former New Jersey Governor and EPA Administrator Christie Todd Witman, ten individuals who have served as officials of the administrations of GOP Presidents Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush […]

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Cher Throws Temper Tantrum, Insults Trump and GOP: ‘F**k Those Heartless Republican Gutter Rats’

Cher crossed the line with a scandalous new attack on President Trump and the entire GOP. She took to social media to voice her displeasure in vulgar terms. She said, “Washington is so lucky I’m not in office. I Would be protesting on capitol steps, Swearing Like a Sailor. F*ck Those Heartless Republican Gutter Rat. […]

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BREAKING: Republican Tom Tiffany Defeats Dem Zunker in Wisconsin Special Election

Republican State Senator Tom Tiffany won a  Wisconsin special election to replace Sean Duffy in Congress. President Trump had tweeted: Tom Tiffany (@TomTiffanyWI) is a Great Advocate for the incredible people of Wisconsin (WI07). We need Tom in Congress to help us Make America Great Again! He will Fight for Small Business, supports our Incredible […]

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Republican Melissa Melendez wins California Senate seat in special election

Republican Melissa Melendez has won the SD-28 special election in California defeating Democrat Elizabeth Romero.  Melendez tweeted: Initial results are in for SD28. Thank you everyone for your support and BIG thanks to my husband for all his help and support throughout this campaign! Initial results are in for SD28. Thank you everyone for your […]

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Two Republican Navy Veterans Victorious in California Special Elections

After her special election State Senate race victory, Republican Melissa Melendez pointed out that two Republicans won special elections that are both Navy Veterans. A victorious Melendez tweeted: On the left, your new Califiornia District 28 State Senator. On the right, your new California District 25 Congressman @MikeGarcia2020 Both Navy veterans. Both forged by the […]

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REPORT: Biden Building Coalition of Republican Supporters Behind the Scenes

According to a new report from the Daily Beast, the Biden campaign is putting together a coalition of “NeverTrump” Republican supporters they hope to leverage in their Presidential campaign. Names mentioned include Jeff Flake, Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes. Per DailyBeast when presented with Biden’s comments, GOP sources interviewed referenced two main possibilities: an external […]