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Putin Rejects Afghan Refugees While Biden Fills US Military Bases With Asylum Seekers

As the United States under President Joe Biden’s orders plans to take in tens of thousands of refugees by housing them across US military bases in Texas, Russian President Vladimir Putin says that his country will not accept Afghan refugees because he does not intend to deal with any “militants” who disguise themselves as asylum […]

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PUTIN’S PUPPET? Joe Biden Strong-Arming Ukraine to Stay Hush On Pro-Russia Deal

The hypocrisy from the left can’t get any worse. The Biden administration is reportedly pressuring Ukraine to keep quiet over an upcoming deal with Germany on Wednesday, allowing Russia to complete their controversial pipeline into Europe. Who is Putin’s puppet now? “The Biden administration will set aside Washington’s longstanding opposition to the pipeline, Nord Stream […]

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Sen. Murphy Claims Trump Being ‘Absent From Campaign Trail’ Will Cause Him To ‘Rely On Surrogates’ Such As ‘Vladimir Putin’

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), during a Friday CNN interview, claimed that because President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, he will be absent from the campaign trail and will rely more on Russian President Vladimir Putin to act as a “surrogate” for his reelection campaign. When asked about Russian efforts to help President Trump’s reelection campaign, Senator Murphy […]

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Just In: MSNBC Now Claiming Russia’s Putin Behind Release Of General Flynn In Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

The ‘Russian collusion’ hoax has been debunked time and again by Congress, multiple media outlets, Robert Mueller, and the evidence. But the Democrat Party hacks over at MSNBC who disguise themselves as journalists just won’t let it go. And really, when you think about it, that makes sense. The little-watched network is wholly invested in the […]