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Jim Jordan On ObamaGate: “Jim Comey Is At The Heart Of Every Single Bit Of This Thing”

Jim Jordan weighed in on the viral subject of ObamaGate on Monday while appearing along with Rep. Andy Biggs on Lou Dobbs Tonight. The hashtag #ObamaGate began trending over the weekend after newly released transcripts indicate former President Obama may have played a major role in the case against General Michael Flynn, and quite possibly the so-called ‘coup attempt’ against […]

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Trump Cracks Open New ‘Obamagate’ – Accuses Barack Obama Of Involvement With Flynn, Undermining His Presidency

Now that the DOJ dropped Michael Flynn’s case, more documents are revealing what went on behind the scenes. And it doesn’t look good for Obama-era officials… or even Obama himself. More and more details are suggesting Obama was up to something. President Trump himself called his predecessor out hard on Twitter: OBAMAGATE makes Watergate look […]