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We All Know Why Corporate Media Is Avoiding Hunter Biden’s Corruption Scandals That Implicate Joe

Last week, a Senate Intelligence Committee report detailed how the son of a major presidential candidate, who has an extensive history of shady foreign business dealings, received a $3.5-million wire transfer from the wife of a Russian politician. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and most major media outlets didn’t cover the wire-transfer story at […]

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Tucker Carlson Eviscerates the Media for Ghoulish Anti-Trump Behavior, Then Hits Them Even Harder

While there are reasons to watch Fox News less and less these days, Tucker Carlson remains a bright spot each weekday evening. In the highest rated hour in cable news (and often on cable overall), Carlson still comes with a raw, personal energy that is just missing in so many other political personalities. Last night, […]

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When The Media Ask Trump To Denounce White Supremacy, They’re Accusing Him Of It

When the mainstream media ask President Trump or Trump administration officials to denounce white supremacy, it’s not a question — it’s an accusation. That’s why they won’t accept Trump’s clear, unequivocal, numerous denunciations of white supremacy and racism. The point isn’t to get a clear answer, it’s to smear Trump as a racist. Trump no […]

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Reporter Asks Kayleigh McEnany If She Plans To Lie To Media On Her First Day Briefing Press From WH

New White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down the media’s rude questions with a great performance at her first briefing today. She also took a few shots at Joe Biden and embarrassed the Dems over their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh. But it was how she shut down one rude reporter, AP reporter Jill Colvin, […]

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Trump Goes To War With Media, Sues NBC Affiliate After They Allow A Doctored Tape In Biden Commercial

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. today filed a lawsuit against WJFW-NBC of Rhinelander, WI for defamation in the wake of an advertisement carried by the station that contained intentionally false and defamatory statements about President Trump. The ad produced by Priorities USA, a super PAC supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy, and broadcast by WJFW-NBC, used […]