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People’s Foes! Taliban Terrorist Leader Zabihullah Mujahid On Twitter But Trump Is Banned!

Zabihullah Mujahid is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s spokesperson. He shared on Twitter about The Taliban terrorists storming Kabul. We can’t believe that Twitter allows terrorists to tweet and share their opinions there. But, Trump can’t share his opinion because he is banned and can’t reach their platform. Please tell me the logic here, and […]

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Watch: BLM Leader Busted, Charged With 5 Felonies, Facing Over A Decade In Prison

The media is doing this nation a huge disservice when they refuse to make the distinction between a ‘protest’ and ‘violence’, a ‘riot’, or ‘looting,’ clear. Peaceful protests are part, a large part in fact, of what makes America great. There are many nations on Earth in which airing your grievances with the government is […]

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BLM Los Angeles Leader Leads Chants of “F the Police” and “F White Capitalism”

Sunday, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles chapter tweeted their “Two national demands.” Two national demands: 1. Prosecute killer cops. 2. Defund the police. In the name of #GeorgeFloyd and all those killed by state-sanctioned violence. #BlackLivesMatter During Saturday’s demonstration, chants of “disrupt white capitalism,” “f*ck the police” and “f*ck white capitalism” were led. Per DailyWire, Black […]