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Pelosi Kicked Out of D.C.Restaurant for ‘Drunken and Disorderly Conduct’

Nancy Pelosi is in the news again today, but not for the reason she was hoping.According to a report from Washington D.C.’s Dunning-Kruger Times, Pelosi was seen at a local restaurant causing a ruckus, forcing the restaurant to remove her from the premises.  According to one eyewitness, Joe Barron, it was quite a chaotic scene. […]

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Wallace Suggests Trump’s Family Will Be ‘Kicked Out Next Time’ For Not Wearing Masks At Debates

During an off-the-rails interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace got into a heated argument with Trump adviser Steve Cortes and suggested that Trump’s family will be “kicked out next time” if they choose not to wear masks at the next presidential debate. Wallace suggested that Trump’s family put people in danger by not wearing masks at the debates […]