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BREAKING: DNI Declassifies Handwritten Notes From John Brennan, 2016 CIA Referral On Clinton Campaign’s Collusion Operation

Top U.S. intelligence officials were so concerned heading into the 2016 election that the Russians were aware of and potentially manipulating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s plans to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent that they personally briefed President Barack Obama on the matter, newly declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents show. CIA officials […]

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John Brennan Digs the Hole Deeper With Transparently False – and Unhelpful – Explanations for His Notes

John Brennan has issued a response to the release of his handwritten notes of a White House briefing, where it was revealed that senior members of the Obama Administration, including Pres. Obama himself, were advised of information obtained by the Intelligence Community about a “plan” approved by Hillary Clinton to “vilify” Donald Trump by linking […]

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Actor John Cusack Defends NBC Reporter Scolded By Trump: ‘Rot In Hell Mr. President’

Hollywood actors are coming out of the woodwork to weigh in on the current political happenings surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, with most of them attacking President Donald Trump for a number of issues, including an incident that happened this week involving the president criticizing NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.According to Breitbart, actor John […]

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Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts had a meltdown today on Fox News after talking about President Trump’s comments on the Proud Boys during Tuesday’s presidential debate. At an earlier press conference, he asked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for a “declarative statement” to denounce white supremacy. Watch Fox News correspondent John Roberts try […]

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John Kerry Sweating Bullets After Lawsuit Filed Over His Secret Meetings With Iran

The arrogance of the anti-Trump resistance is growing more difficult to ignore with each passing day. No matter how you refer to his enemies – the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy, or the shadow government – they have constantly worked to undermine his America First agenda in an effort to maintain the global construct of […]

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After John Kerry Admits He’s Helping Iran – Trump Drops His Presidential Hammer

Kerry betrayed America, so Donald is taking big action. Here’s the only fact we need to know: If you’re a private citizen and you negotiate with a foreign power on behalf of the American government, that’s a crime. It’s called the Logan Act. And John Kerry violated it, plain and simple. Former Secretary of State […]