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Trump-Hating Boulder Shooter Threatened Fake Hate Crimes Against Classmates He Attacked

The gunman in Boulder who executed 10 people at a supermarket threatened his classmates with filing fake hate crime charges after violently attacking them, eyewitnesses have said. As we reported yesterday, Ahmad Al-Issa is an anti-Trump activist who regularly read far-left outlets such as the Washington Post and advocated for refugees and Muslim immigrants. Despite the gunman’s family telling […]

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Cruz tells Cuomo “Trump broke you guys…your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump”

During a fiery exchange over whether President Trump did enough to condemn the Proud Boys, Ted Cruz blasted CNN, telling Chris Cuomo “Trump broke you guys.” Ted Cruz told Chris Cuomo he’s glad he’s taking tips on insults “from other folks” and told the CNN host he’s “enjoying” insulting him. Cuomo fired back “I’m not […]

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Howard Stern to Trump Supporters “I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence”

Tuesday, radio icon Howard Stern had a blunt message for Trump voters, saying “I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence.” Breitbart reports SiriusXM radio talk show host Howard Stern on Tuesday said he hates President Donald Trump’s supporters and claimed the president himself also harbors contempt for his own base. “One […]