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Caught: That NBC News ‘Undecided Voters’ Town Hall Was ‘Packed With Biden Voters’, Video Shows

My RedState colleague Mike Miller reported yesterday on how the “undecided voters” at NBC News’s Joe Biden town hall on Monday did not come off as “undecided.” There was good reason to be suspicious of some of the particulars of the town hall, as he pointed out. Most were self-described Democrats, Democrat-leaning or had at the very least voted […]

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Schiff Finds Out He’s Not In Control Anymore When He Goes To A Town Hall In His Own District

Adam Schiff seems to be learning the hard way that actions have consequences. As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff crafted absurdly Stalinistic rules for this sham, show trial, ‘impeachment’. The proceedings have more of a feeling of a ‘legal’ coup, than they do a legitimate Democratic proceeding. Representative Meadows spoke to the […]