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Steve Hilton says Trump got the virus “fighting for our future…not hiding in a basement”

During a fiery segment of his show, Steve Hilton argued President Trump’s recovery is a “powerful symbol of America’s recovery.” “Yes he got the virus because he was out there fighting for the future of the country not hiding in a basement,” Hilton said. “He’s been saying for months we need to be open not […]

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Trump: “Dirty Politicians,” “Dirty Cops,” to “Pay a Big Price” in the Not Too Distant Future

President Trump just struck even more fear into the hearts of those responsible for misleading the nation about so called “Russian collusion” and launching an illegal attempt to take down a duly elected President of the United States. After last night’s revelations that clearly show that what people like Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Clapper Brennan, Rice, […]

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Flynn Just Flipped The FBI Upside Down, Now Prison Cells May Well Be In Their Future & Freedom In The Good General’s

Lt. General Michael Flynn has endured more than three years of living hell and personal bankruptcy at the hands of corrupt FBI agents intent on bringing him down. That is likely to be confirmed this week, perhaps as early as today, when Judge Emmet Sullivan is expected to unseal proof that the FBI coerced a […]