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Joe Biden Tells ‘Beautiful Young Ladies’ He Wants To ‘See Them Dancing When They’re Four Years Older’

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has raised eyebrows again this week with remarks he made to a group of “beautiful young ladies” during a campaign stop in Miami, Florida. While visiting the Little Haiti Cultural Center on Monday, Biden rounded out his speech by quipping to the crowd, “the good news is, for me, I’m here. The […]

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Americans Bring Rally To Trump…Large Crowd Stands Outside Walter Reed Hospital, Chants “Four More Years!” [VIDEO]

Last night, President Trump noticed a gathering of supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital and sent his Chief ofStaff Mark Meadows out to thank them. Mark Meadows walked out of Walter Reed with a bag of chocolates (photo below) from President Trump. He spoke to the group telling them President Trump is doing well: “POTUS […]

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After Four Senators Sell Stock Before Corona Crash – Congress Leaders Call For Their Resignations

Before the coronavirus news really hit the U.S.—it looks like the D.C. swamp was doing what it does best. They may have been profiting off their exclusive intel and power. Four senators—along with others—were briefed on the virus spread before the rest of the country. They had what we could call “insider information” about what […]