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Federal Election Agency Drops Language Banning Voting Equipment With Internet

In the aftermath of 2020, election integrity is on every good conservative’s mind. All around the country, state legislatures are stepping up (and Texas Democrats are stepping out) to make sure that every legal vote is counted and that our elections are safe and secure. Naturally, these efforts have garnered primarily negative attention from left-wing […]

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Pritzker Is Keeping Illinois Locked Down Not For Health But For A Federal Bailout

It’s a testament to the American spirit that mere months after the arrival of a new, deadly virus on our shores, we’ve taken the steps necessary to protect the vulnerable and return to our daily lives. Having moved past the initial shock and panic due to the frightening presence of an unknown virus, we’ve learned […]

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Ohio Democrat Arrested On Federal Charges – She Faces Up To 50 Years For Trading Votes For Cash

America can’t afford more dirty politicians. We’ve seen a slew of them in recent years, as accusations and charges continue to fly around Capitol Hill. We’ve got problems on state government levels as well. Citizens elected these people to run their towns—but many are turning out to be grossly incompetent. …or in this case, potentially […]

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After Relentlessly Bashing Trump, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Now Wants a Federal Bailout

China’s favorite governor, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is at it again. This time, after relentlessly bashing President Trump, after her AG told the President he was no longer welcome in the state, now she’s asking for bailout cash for her state. Whitmer held a press conference on Thursday to give an update to her efforts […]

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Barr: Outside Radicals Hijacking Protests, Federal Crime to Cross State Lines to Incite Violent Rioting

Watch as Bill Barr claims that outside agitators are infiltrating the protests, using Antifa like tactics, and it “is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting and we will enforce those laws” Transcript: It’s real and legitimate. Accountability for his death must be […]

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Bill Barr Drops Hammer, Hits First Rioter With Federal Charges In Chicago: “Let’s start a riot”

Bill Barr and the DOJ just followed through on yesterday’s promise to crack down on the rioters and looters and start bringing federal criminal charges. Matthew Lee Rupert who was heard on a video saying “let’s start a riot” and “I’m going to start doing some damage,” was arrested Sunday night. Chicago police arrested him […]

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Federal Judge Unseals Nancy Pelosi’s Alcoholic Treatment Records

Judge Marcus Alfonso Paralapalos of the conservative 51st District Court of Warrants, has ordered the medical treatment files for Nancy Pelosi’s alcoholism unsealed and available to the general public. While technically a violation of about 11 laws, Judge Paralopolos stands by his ruling, fully expecting it to be overturned:  “The public has a right to […]

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Federal Judge Orders Sanders, Others To Be Reinstated On New York Primary Ballot After Gov. Cuomo Cancelled It

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has pretty much wrapped up the nomination. With no one left in the race, he’s just waiting to officially reach the delegate threshold required by the Democratic National Committee. But things just got a little interesting for Democrats — especially for those hoping there’s some sort of last-minute plot […]

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“Sanctuary” Cities That Rejected Federal Law Are Now Pleading For Federal Help

Areas that proclaimed themselves “Haven Cities” to dismiss government law and coordination so as to harbor unlawful foreigners are presently asking for administrative assistance even with the Wuhan infection pandemic. New York City, which has become the focal point of the Wuhan infection episode in the United States, is seeing a flooding case load overpower […]