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US Embassy Warns Americans NOT to go to Kabul Airport After Biden Promised to Bring Everyone Home

Just 24 hours after Joe Biden assured Americans in Afghanistan that he would bring everyone home (video below), the U.S. Embassy is telling Americans not to go to Kabul airport. During his speech yesterday, Biden said there was ‘no indication’ that the Taliban was blocking Americans from leaving Afghanistan. The US Embassy warned: ‘”Because of […]

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Obama White House Visitor Arrested – Marines Caught Him And His Buddies At The Iranian Protest of U.S. Embassy

All eyes are on the Middle East this week, but they didn’t expect Obama would get caught up in it.It all started with an Iranian-back protest against the U.S. embassy in Iraq. “Experts” predicted it would become another Benghazi. Instead, President Trump acted decisively, ending the siege in just two days.He proceeded to bring some […]