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Michelle Asks White Americans For ‘Empathy,’ Says She’s Worried Racism Will ‘Destroy This Nation’ If Not Addressed

Former First Lady Michelle Obama claimed in a Joe Biden campaign video released Tuesday that protests across the U.S. are largely peaceful and “only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all.” Obama says to differ with that conclusion is “racist.” “It’s true,” Obama said about the protests. “Research backs it up. […]

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Hillary Clinton Manufactured Russia Collusion to Destroy Trump, Obama Docs Show

Newly declassified documents reveal that Hillary Clinton concocted the entire Russia collusion hoax as a way to destroy President Donald Trump. The bombshell allegations have been exposed in documents declassified by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe. The docs claim that the Obama administration was briefed on Clinton’s cunning plan to frame Trump […]

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Just When You Think He’s Gone, Barry Reappears To Destroy The Nation & The World Once Again

Why is it that much like the Clintons, the Obamas won’t seem to go away? Their time in the White House has been over for years, but they won’t just fade into the darkness. First they took over Netflix. Now they’re onto Spotify. The Gateway Pundit reports: The Obamas signed a multi-year deal with Spotify to […]