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Actor John Cusack Defends NBC Reporter Scolded By Trump: ‘Rot In Hell Mr. President’

Hollywood actors are coming out of the woodwork to weigh in on the current political happenings surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, with most of them attacking President Donald Trump for a number of issues, including an incident that happened this week involving the president criticizing NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.According to Breitbart, actor John […]

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Mitt Romney Stabs Trump In Back, Trashes POTUS Over Testing and Defends Barack Obama

“I understand the politicians are going to frame data in a way that’s most positive politically. Of course, I don’t expect that from admirals,” the Mitt Romney said as he basically accused the Trump administration of misleading the American people. “But yesterday, you celebrated that we had done more tests and more tests per capita […]

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After Squad Member Ilhan Omar Defends Iran – She Pledges To Help Them Stop President Trump

Unlike Obama, President Trump is taking strong actions against our enemies. He struck back after Iran threatened our people and our allies in the Middle East. How has the left responded? Did they thank him for preventing another Benghazi? Were they encouraged that a top Iranian leader is gone? Nope! They actually seemed upset that […]