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Petition to ‘Declare George Soros a Terrorist & Seize All His Assets’ Goes Viral

A White House petition to declare far-left billionaire George Soros a “terrorist” and seize all of his assets has gone viral. The “We the People” petition, hosted on the official White House website, calls for Soros’ organizations’ assets to be seized by the US Government under RICO law. After being shared far and wide across social media, the campaign has amassed […]

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Son of Leading Minnesota Dem Comes Clean: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’

One of the leading national Democrats, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison who almost ended up running the entire DNC, just got some bad news from his son. Jeremiah Ellison, a local politician, came out in support of Antifa, a group Trump just put on the terrorist list. “I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA. […]

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Mark Levin To Senate Republicans: “Declare The House Democrats’ Impeachment Null And Void NOW!”

Mark Levin has had enough of Democrats’ impeachment games and now he thinks it’s time for Senate Republicans to take matters into their own hands. House Democrats rushed the impeachment process as they claimed President Trump was a “clear and present danger” that must “expeditiously” be held accountable. But their sense of urgency came to […]