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After Trump Asks Minnesota Crowd About Omar – His Supporters Chant On Live TV: “Lock Her Up”

Trump is going after historically blue Minnesota. He attended a rally this week. In what probably shocked Democrats, supporters were waiting in line for over six hours. These Minnesota natives are clearly fired up to see the president and hear one of his popular speeches. Especially in Democrat Ilhan Omar’s backyard! During the event, the […]

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Americans Bring Rally To Trump…Large Crowd Stands Outside Walter Reed Hospital, Chants “Four More Years!” [VIDEO]

Last night, President Trump noticed a gathering of supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital and sent his Chief ofStaff Mark Meadows out to thank them. Mark Meadows walked out of Walter Reed with a bag of chocolates (photo below) from President Trump. He spoke to the group telling them President Trump is doing well: “POTUS […]

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Minnesota Trump Crowd Explodes in Chants of “Lock her Up!” Against Ilhan Omar

Wednesday evening, Trump’s Minnesota rally crowd broke into a chant of “lock her up! lock her up!” directed at Ilhan Omar. The iconic chant that began by being directed at Hillary Clinton over her email scandal has since be re-appropriated at times against various Trump targets. Trump said, “Another massive issue for Minnesota is the […]