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Crimes Against Humanity: The Public Trial Continues, So There’s No Way The Truth Will Stay Hidden For Much Longer!

Hitler is a joke of what these organized scientists have already done to humanity and the human race in the entire globe. The evil plan has already been set and is in motion. The vast distribution of the vaccines, the very normal acceptance of those same vaccines in almost every single state in this world, […]

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Trump-Hating Boulder Shooter Threatened Fake Hate Crimes Against Classmates He Attacked

The gunman in Boulder who executed 10 people at a supermarket threatened his classmates with filing fake hate crime charges after violently attacking them, eyewitnesses have said. As we reported yesterday, Ahmad Al-Issa is an anti-Trump activist who regularly read far-left outlets such as the Washington Post and advocated for refugees and Muslim immigrants. Despite the gunman’s family telling […]