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Bette Midler compares Trump to “Butcher of Uganda,” accuses him of destroying country “on purpose”

Monday, Performer Bette Midler accused president Trump of destroying the country on purpose. Responding to a report that Trump tweeted “Don’t let covid dominate your life,” Milder responded “I’d rather have Covid dominate my life than you, you giant jackass.” “Covid isn’t destroying my country on purpose, like you are,” she added. I’d rather have […]

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Michelle Obama Slams Country Music, Says It’s ‘Music for Morons’

Music fans include Michelle Obama and her husband Barack. They just love it. Apparently pushes them around the corner, except for the country songs. They were interviewed recently and asked what concerts they would see after the crisis had ended. They have said the obvious. Jay-Z. Yes. Beyoncé, for example. Perhaps one of 427 farewell […]

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Kamala Harris Suggests Nationwide Protests Are An ‘Essential Component Of Evolution In Our Country’

On Friday, Kamala Harris defended months of unrest and protests, many of which have led to mass looting, acts of violence and arson in several big cities across America. Harris, who is hoping to become the next Vice President, implied that such anti-police protests are an “essential component of evolution” in America, and are “necessary.” […]

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Public Schools Across The Country Endorse BLM, Incorporate Into Elementary School Curriculum [VIDEO]

Public schools across America have endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement. Public schools across the country have endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement and encouraged teachers, students and parents to do the same, with some schools organizing their own BLM protests. The Black Lives Matter movement has been linked to 91% of riots across the […]

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Holding A Bible, Hypocritically Urges President Trump To Heal The Country

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a clear attempt to mock President Trump held a press conference reading from the Bible, mainly reading her notes tucked in the Bible. Nothing quite like using the Holy Bible to attack the President. It is really reprehensible for Pelosi to use the Bible in this situation, distorting the message […]

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Hillary “I hope other governors around the country follow Gavin Newsom’s lead”

Friday, Hillary Clinton praised California Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order on vote by mail. Hillary tweeted: I hope other governors around the country follow @GavinNewsom’s lead. No voter should be forced to choose between their safety and exercising their civic duty this fall. I hope other governors around the country follow @GavinNewsom’s lead. No voter […]

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Nancy Pelosi Suggests Killing Soleimani Was A ‘Disproportionate’ Action, Zeldin Responds: ‘Pelosi Is Totally Blinded With Party Over Country’

Congressman Lee Zeldin issued a fiery response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement that followed news of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani being killed in an airstrike authorized by President Trump. Zeldin was set off by Pelosi, who appeared to insinuate that the killing of Soleimani was a “disproportionate” action carried out by the Trump Administration. As part […]