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Detroit Police Chief Pulls Back Curtain On Riots – It’s Not Actually About Equality, It’s “Total Anarchy”

Controversy and tension continues to affect law enforcement around the country. Leftist politicians and activists are calling for sweeping reform due to perceived police bias and racism. However, many officers say much of the backlash is overblown and as a result, they don’t feel supported. They’ve also blamed political leaders for caving to leftist pressure. […]

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“She’s Lost Her Mind” Former ICE Chief Reacts To Pelosi’s Plan To Give Illegals Stimulus Funds

DailyCaller reports a former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus relief package exploits the pandemic to push a progressive agenda. “Nancy Pelosi and her party, they are taking advantage of this crisis to push a radical agenda. Look, she wants to use our taxpayer’s money to reward illegal […]

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Trump Spy Chief Declassifying Docs Showing Ex-CIA Director John Brennan ‘Suppressed’ Russia Intelligence: Report

President Donald Trump’s spy chief is reportedly declassifying explosive new documents that show former CIA Director John Brennan “suppressed” intelligence on Russia wanting Hillary Clinton, not Trump, to win the 2016 election. While appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry reported on Tuesday night that “it could get sticky” […]

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Intelligence Chief Puts Schiff on Notice by Revealing ‘Russia Collusion’ Transcripts Are Ready for Release

What exactly is Adam Schiff keeping so secret? The California congressman and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is facing increasing calls to release transcripts of interviews the committee conducted as part of its probe into “Russian collusion,” but the latest twist might be taking the matter out of his hands. In a letter to […]