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Minnesota Trump Crowd Explodes in Chants of “Lock her Up!” Against Ilhan Omar

Wednesday evening, Trump’s Minnesota rally crowd broke into a chant of “lock her up! lock her up!” directed at Ilhan Omar. The iconic chant that began by being directed at Hillary Clinton over her email scandal has since be re-appropriated at times against various Trump targets. Trump said, “Another massive issue for Minnesota is the […]

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BLM Los Angeles Leader Leads Chants of “F the Police” and “F White Capitalism”

Sunday, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles chapter tweeted their “Two national demands.” Two national demands: 1. Prosecute killer cops. 2. Defund the police. In the name of #GeorgeFloyd and all those killed by state-sanctioned violence. #BlackLivesMatter During Saturday’s demonstration, chants of “disrupt white capitalism,” “f*ck the police” and “f*ck white capitalism” were led. Per DailyWire, Black […]